Vinyls by the roll and sheets! (See specs below)

Clear Polished Vinyl -sold by the roll

Upholstery Grade

.004 x 54"w  x 300 YDS 

.006 x 54"w  x 200 YDS
.010 x 54"w  x 120 YDS 
.012 x 54"w  x 100 YDS 
.014 x 54"w  x   90 YDS 
.016 x 54"w  x   75 YDS 
.020 x 54"w  x   60 YDS 
Tinted Clear Colors-sold by the roll

.010 x 54"w  x 120 yds

pink, blue, green, yellow


Refrigeration Vinyl Strip on a roll also available

12" wide