These acrylic globes are multifunctional. They come in 2 color options (clear and white) and 3 neck options (neckless-flange-screw neck). The clear looks like a large acrylic fish bowl.

The white ones look like the globes that go over an old style lamp post. It is opalescent in color and are translucent. When a bulb is inside, they glow beautifully!

Here's a great about the next time you have friends over (inside or outside) and you want to create a nice mood for hanging out?....all you have to do is take a globe and put a light source inside... INSTANT mood lighting! HOW GROOVY! .... just make sure the light source is not too hot, and NOT a candle!!!!

You can use the morphing LED orb or the LED light that we offer as well.
If you need a quantity or different size globe...many more sizes are available to well as clear and square.
Globes are available from 6"-24"diameter