Acrylic Hemisphers

Acrylic hemispheres have such diverse uses. You can use it as a salad bowl. You can flip it over and use it to encase and protect a treasured item. You can mount it on the wall for a conversational picture frame or make a really neat terrarium...How 70's!, right?

We have sold hemispheres for years to the retail industry for product displays, photographers , movie and commercial sets, artists, students, research labs and the adult industry used by dancers (larger sizes).

The hemispheres are made of clear, sturdy acrylic. The depth is half the diameter (i.e. 12" diameter = 6" deep). They have a 1" flange around that you can drill into to affix to either a wall or a table for product display.
They come in various sizes (up to72") as well as 1/8 and 1/4 thickness and in colors.