Brillianize is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Brillianize is safe to use indoors or outdoors. It will not harm people or pets. Their unique formula contains NO alcohol, NO ammonia, NO sodium lauryl sulfate and NO ethylene glycol butyl ether. Brillianize is made in their own factory in California.

You can trust Brillianize with your most demanding jobs and precious possessions. Using Brillianize will leave a high gloss, anti-static fingerprint resistant finish on all hard shiny surfaces.

Home, Gallery Museum and Office
• Windows and mirrors
• Counter tops, sinks and faucets
• Stainless steel, granite or stone counters
• Photocopiers, scanners
• Television screens (LCD, Plasma, glass or rear projection)
• Large and small appliances
• Audio and video equipment
• Lacquer furniture, picture frames and UV glass
• Aquariums and terrariums
Cars, Trucks and Recreational Vehicles
• Paint, chrome, wheels, bright metal, stainless steel
• Glass, mirrors, instrument panel, carbon fiber
• Navigation, DVD entertainment systems
• Any hard, nonporous or shiny surface
Motorcycles and ATVs
• Windshield glass, instrument panel, GPS screens and antennas
• Chrome, paint, fiberglass, anodized aluminium and carbon fiber
• Windscreens, shin screen fairings
• Helmet and face shield
• Any hard, nonporous or shiny surface
Boats and Personal Watercraft
• Windshields, instrument panels and antennas
• GPS and navigation instruments
• Chrome, bright metal, aluminium, paint, fiberglass
• Any hard, nonporous or shiny surface
Airplanes and Helicopters
• Canopy, windows, instrument panel, GPS screens and antennas
• All painted or polished surfaces
• Wing and stabilizer leading edge
• Any hard, nonporous or shiny surface


Plastic or glass
Brillianize is safe to use with lucite, Plexiglas®, carbon fiber, acrylic, poly carbonate, Lexan®, Acrylite® and all plastic or glass surfaces. Manufacturers use Brillianize products in the final production stage to enhance the appearance and performance of their finished products

Acrylic Tools

We carry many acrylic tools, scratch removers and acrylic hanging products. We can fabricate for you but it you want to "try it yourself"--we have the right tools for you.

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